POSX 891 Thermal Receipt Printer

The POSx 891 Thermal Receipt Printer prints at a high speed of 250 mm/s. This Thermal Receipt Printer is one of the finest for retail shops such as restaurants, takeaways, and any other sort of retail store that needs rapid receipt printing while keeping a faultless customer experience. It has a dependable Auto-cutter with 1.5 million total cuts. The POSx 891 Thermal Receipt Printer is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.
Product Code: PosX-891
Brand: POSX
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Rs. 14,500

Product Description

Printing method

Direct thermal receipt printing

Effective printing width

72 mm or 48 mm


203 dpi

Printing speed

250 mm/s

Printing density

576 dots/line or 384 dots/line

Character set

GB 18030 (Simplified Chinese)

Print font

ASCII Font A:12×24

ASCII Font B:9×17

Chinese: 24×24

Character per line

Font A-48 lines/Font B-64 lines/Chinese-24 lines

Paper width

79.5 ± 0.5 mm

Paper roll diameter

F80 mm

Paper loading

Easy paper loading


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