Barcode Scanner Zebex Z-6050

Zebex Z-6050 Barcode Reader scan speed is 1650 lines/second, and it is a 20 Line Automatic Unidirectional scanner. Scan Element Type is CMOS. Optical Resolution is 0.01 mm(4mil). The interface type is USB. Scanner scanning light source is laser light with a dimension of 144 mm 97 mm 109 mm. Scanning directions are five directions. Z-6050 has red and blue light-led indicators. Z-6050 barcode scanner body is sealed to prevent dust from going inside. It has a rubber-based design to avoid maximum fall damage while having 1.5 meters of drop resistance
Product Code: Zebex Z-6050
Brand: Zebra
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Rs. 18,500

Product Description

Aiming Element

617 NM LED

Optical System

1280 H×800 V pixels (1.0 M)

Depth of Field

Code 39 (5 mil): 0 – 50 mm
EAN13 (13 mil): 0 – 220 mm
Note: DOF may vary depending on environment condition and bar code quality.

Min. Bar Width

5 mil (Code 39)

Scan Angle

38.2° horizontal; 24.3° vertical

Print Contrast

30% @ UPC/EAN 100%


Two-Color LED (blue, red)

Programmable Operation

Scan Mode, Beeper tone

System Interface

RS-232, USB

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